A technical analysis of private overnight charging access in IZEVA jurisdictions

December 21, 2023
Authors: Marie Rajon Bernard

As electric vehicle (EV) ownership continues to grow, residents of apartment buildings, particularly those lacking private garages or driveways, often face obstacles to charging their vehicles. This report examines the influence of dwelling type on the cost of refueling an EV. Through a projection of EV adoption and charging needs among apartment dwellers in International Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance (IZEVA) jurisdictions and a refueling cost analysis, it finds that a substantial share of EV owners will live in apartments by 2035‚ many of whom will lack access to private charging and face significantly higher costs at public charging stations. These findings underscore the importance of charging options that specifically target apartment dwellers. As lower-income households tend to live in multi-unit dwellings at higher rates, addressing charging needs at these locations also has important implications for equity.

This study is part of a two-part series on private charging access in IZEVA jurisdictions. An accompanying report, Policies and innovative approaches for maximizing overnight charging in multi-unit dwellings, examines policies and business models to address the charging needs of apartment dwellers.

Focus Areas

Charging in multi-unit dwellings