Collaborating for a faster and smarter zero-emission vehicle transition

The ZEV Alliance is a coalition of 23 governments working collectively to increase the sale of zero-emission vehicles globally through research and knowledge-sharing

2024 Focus Areas

Each year, the ZEV Alliance explores bespoke focus areas related to the zero-emission vehicle transition to bring deeper insight to its members and the broader ZEV community.

Making charging more user-friendly

Investigates challenges and emerging solutions to issues of reliability, interoperability, price transparency, and accessibility for EV charging and provides recommendations for improving the overall user experience.

Battery materials sourcing and sustainability

Considers how governments can ensure an abundant supply of sustainable batteries to power the ZEV transition and enhance energy security while also minimizing environmental impacts of mineral extraction.

Challenges and opportunities for ZEVs in rural communities

Studies the role of rural areas in the ZEV transition including barriers to adoption and how governments can ensure that these communities are not left behind in the ZEV transition.

June 15, 2023 – June 17, 2023

2023 Annual Assembly

ZEV Alliance members gathered in Sacramento, California for their annual meeting to discuss recent policy successes and ongoing challenges, effective models for working with industry, and to participate in a site visit to the largest electric school bus fleet in the United States.


ZEV Alliance member jurisdictions believe that a transition to zero-emission vehicles requires a global collective effort.