• Austria
  • Baden-W├╝rttemberg
  • British Columbia
  • California
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Connecticut
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Netherlands
  • New Jersey
  • New Zealand
  • New York
  • Norway
  • Oregon
  • Qu├ębec
  • Rhode Island
  • United Kingdom
  • Vermont
  • Washington

The Zev Alliance Participation Statement

The jurisdictions seek to collaborate with other governments to expand the global zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market and enhance government cooperation on ZEV policies, in order to strengthen and coordinate efforts to combat air pollution, limit global climate change, and reduce oil dependence by establishing an International Zero-Emission Vehicle Alliance (ZEV Alliance) to increase ZEV deployment.

Each participating jurisdiction is a participant.

Areas and Forms of Cooperation

The Participants will cooperate in the following areas, on the basis of the principle of equality and mutual benefit:

Setting deployment targets

  • Sharing existing targets for ZEV deployment;
  • Setting ambitious, achievable targets for further ZEV deployment in line with their long-term goals;
  • Working to establish a shared vision and target for ZEV leadership jurisdictions;
  • Encouraging one another to consider ambitious targets that drive ZEV deployment.

Acting together

  • Creating and sharing action plans to achieve ZEV adoption targets;
  • Sharing data, best practices, and other information to inform target-setting and planning;
  • Taking actions to achieve our targets as appropriate in each jurisdiction;
  • Looking for opportunities to act together to achieve our individual and collective targets

Promoting momentum

  • Encouraging and supporting additional jurisdictions to set ambitious ZEV targets;
  • Inviting other leadership jurisdictions to participate in the ZEV Alliance;
  • Developing and participating in public events to highlight the work of the ZEV Alliance and its members;
  • Sharing data and milestones for aggregate ZEV Alliance releases;
  • Developing and distributing publications.