Understanding and supporting the used zero emission vehicle market

December 15, 2021 11:00 am
Virtual Event

Zero-emission vehicles hold great promise for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality, but even with over 10 million electric vehicles now on the road, the high upfront cost means that they remain inaccessible to much of the population. The second-hand ZEV market, still in its early stages, will bring the benefits of ZEVs to new market segments, and is critical to achieving the full decarbonization of road transport. However, this market also poses unique challenges around technology durability, consumer awareness, and charging infrastructure access.

This public webinar is part of a year-long project by the International ZEV Alliance to better understand the used ZEV market and how governments can support its successful development. The webinar will feature findings from a new, in-depth research report on the used ZEV market and innovative policy approaches. The state of Oregon will share experiences and lessons from the longest-running U.S. state incentive program for second-hand EVs. Finally, Recurrent will present data on battery reliability and consumer perceptions of used electric vehicles. There will also be time for Q&A and discussion with the speakers.


  • Alex Tankou, International Council on Clean Transportation: Presentation of key findings of the used ZEVs focus area paper
  • Rachel Sakata, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: Oregon’s used ZEV incentive program and findings from incentive program and surveys
  • Scott Case, Recurrent: presentation of the findings from EV battery analysis
  • United Kingdom EV association: insights on the role of used ZEVs to support the ZEV transition


Focus Areas

Used ZEV market